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Our Horses


1. Jessie Tivio
1977 Buckskin Stallion
Sire: Poco Tivio
Dam: Jessie's Honeydew
Pictured Below

2. Sweet Jessie Tivio
1993 Dun Stallion
Sire: Jessie Tivio
Dam: Whites Sweet Chex
Standing A+ Stud
Pictured below

3. Smokie Joe Tivio
2004 Buckskin Stallion
Sire: Rickles Poco Bueno
Dam: Miss Poco Lena Tivio
Standing A+ Stud
Pictured Below

4. Jessie Klem Tivio
2001 Buckskin Stallion
Sire: Jessie Tivio
Dam: Senora Klem
Standing A+ Stud


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Sweet Jessie Tivio
Sweet Jessie Tivio
Rickles Poco Bueno

Jessie Tivio Sweet Jessie Tivio
at Dunarama World
Smokie Joe Tivio

Other horses

(Click to enlarge photos.)

2011 Stud Colt
Sire: Smokie Joe Tivio
Dam: Miss Jessica Tivio
Horse Photo 2 Horse Photo 3

Horse Photo 4 Horse Photo 5 Horse Photo 6

Horse Photo 7 Horse Photo 8 Horse Photo 9

Horse Photo 10 Horse Photo 11 Horse Photo 12

Miss Jessica Tivio Malinda Tivio and foal
with John & Jessica
Miss Jessica Tivio (Horse)
and foal with
Jessica Chastain

4C's Mares Jessica Chastain
and John Henry

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